Flowers at St Saviour's


On a Sunday, our worship of God aims to be as full as possible, engaging all manner of creativty. Our flowers significantly contribute to this as we both recognise God as the Lord and creator of all things, and offer our own creativity in choosing and arranging them to link in with the theme of the service or to represent a particular aspect of God's character.

Flowers are used weekly on Sundays and at special services such as weddings, funerals or for major festivals such as Easter.

A small team contributes to our worship in this way, arranging the flowers and other artistic displays throughout the year. Church members usually sponsor the flowers each week, paying in full for their provision. Often flowers are dedicated in memory of a family member or in celebration of a particular life event.

Please collect a form from the reception area if you would like to sponsor a date or contact Kate Viccajee 01483 535399 or if you would like to join the team.

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