As with most CofE churches, St Saviour's does not have a formal membership list (besides the electoral roll) or a constitution. However, the following summary will give you an idea as to the involvement and commitment that we encourage from our members:


1. Regular attendance at Sunday worship

Our Sunday gatherings are an important part of the life of St Saviour's. We encourage church members to regularly attend the church service of their choice (whether 9am, 10.30am, 6pm), to deepen their relationships with members of that congregation and to be committed to the week by week teaching and worship life of the church.

2. Being part of a Life Group

Our small groups (known as Life Groups) are a central component of our church community, and where circumstance allow we strongly encourage church members to be part of one of these groups. They are vital source of friendship, support, prayer and a great place to take teaching and study further.

Life Groups are usually held in church members homes and happen during the week, both in the daytime and evenings. More information about Life Groups

3. Being involved in ministry and outreach

First and foremost, St Saviour's is a missional community and therefore all church members are involved to be involved in ministry and outreach. This may be as part of one of our serving teams on a Sunday, or with one of our midweek activities, our mission partners or by some other means. We view this as a central part of the Christian life, as we seek to be obedient to Jesus' call to go and make discisples.

4. Giving financially

We follow the biblical principle of tithing, and within St Saviour's we encourage church members to give at least half of their tithe (5% of their income) to support the work of this local church. St Saviour's budget is circa £900,000 per annum and is almost entirely funded from the generous giving of our membership. Each year we hold a commitment day where we ask Church members to consider and pledge their support for the coming year. Click here to find out how to support St Saviour's financially.
To find out about the electoral roll - click here

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