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Mentoring Jigsaw midAre you keen to grow as a Christian?
Would you like prayer, encouragement and support?
Are you aged between 15 and 107?
If so, mentoring is for you!


Mentoring is an excellent way to help Christians of any age grow in their faith.  It allows us to reflect on our relationship with God and what he is doing in our life. It gives us time to think through our priorities and the opportunities or challenges we face. It helps us identify our calling, grow in our ministry and gifts, and integrate our faith and work. And it provides an opportunity for us to learn from another Christian and encourage them too!

St Saviour’s has a great history of mentoring relationships. To allow more people take advantage of this, we have set up a mentoring programme. A group of over 30 potential mentors have been trained up and are working with mentees.

Are you interested?

Would you be interested in either becoming a mentor or being mentored? If so, we would love to meet you and chat further about what’s involved. As part of that, each potential mentor and mentee would complete a short questionnaire to help us match people up. Then after an introductory  meeting, we suggest mentors and mentees meet about once a month, for an initial period of six months. Why not find out more?

We have three new mentoring co-ordinators – Julia Evans, Mel Sneller and Richelle Smith – who will be co-ordinating this programme. 

You can contact us by email at

We look forward to hearing from you!
Janie Cronin

 Church Life 
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