Our Vision

Our Vision

We’re a Big Family made up of all ages and backgrounds with a huge heart to welcome everyone and a vision to Love God, Love People and Make A Difference in Guildford and beyond. We would absolutely love you to join us on the adventure.

We have a big vision – we want to be known as a church that is committed to loving and serving God, committed to building deep and lasting relationships with one another, and committed to building God’s kingdom in our local community. We also believe that God is calling us to new things in this season, and we want to listen well to God’s guiding as we discern the path ahead. But we also know that right now many of us feel disconnected and fragmented, and longing for a renewed sense of community.

Earlier this year, we identified three priorities for our church in this season – to LOVE, BUILD and REACH.  We believe that God is calling us to:

Love each other the way Jesus shows Gods loves us

We want to be a community that knows in our heads and our hearts just how much God loves us, and to share that incredible love with everyone we meet.

Build a community of disciples who follow the way of Jesus

We want everyone in our church family to be part of a small group, where they are encouraged to become more like Jesus in every area of their lives.

 Reach out to our local community with the Good News of Jesus

We want to get to know our local community better and to see it transformed by the Gospel


With the recent appointment of a new Rector, we created a ‘parish profile’ outlining where we sense God calling St Saviour’s over the next few years. If you’re interested to see this, you can find it here: download the PDF.