Small Groups

PoDs (Places of Discipleship) lie at the heart of our Big Family. They are a great place to get to know people, develop really good friendships and actively grow in your faith. Our PoDs are small groups (usually between 6-15 people) and meet in each other’s homes, although for the time being they are gathering online.

Our PoDs come in all shapes and sizes, some are age specific, others are based in a particular geographic area.  In a PoD session you can expect a time of worship, Bible study, where we reflect on the week’s Sunday teaching,  prayer as well as time just to hang out together.

If you have questions or are thinking about joining a PoD, contact Lucy Webb ( who would love to hear from you.

Download our PoD materials

We’re delighted that our PoD material is now available for download – click here to open the Dropbox storage.

The PoD material has not been free for us to create, so if you find it useful and would like to make a donation to our running costs, please click here. Thank you very much!