Heating Project

As many of us are aware, St Saviour’s has a very old boiler system that needs to be urgently replaced.

Following the APCM in April, a Heating and Sustainable Energy Team was put in place to review all options available to St Saviour’s, recognising that General Synod has called for all parts of the Church to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions year on year, with a target of achieving net zero by 2030.

Our assessment of the heating needs of the Church and Centre has sought to strike the right balance between:

  • The Church must be warm and welcoming
  • Protecting the Historic fabric and materials
  • Affordability (to install, maintain and run),
  • The feasibility of the solution – “will it actually work?”
  • Reducing our carbon footprint

Based on an extensive review and following PCC and Standing Committee approval, the first stage of our longer term journey is to install a new gas boiler system, supported by a more effective management control board, which can zone our heating according to the very different requirements of the Church and Centre.

Evidence from other Churches that have implemented a similar solution is a 40% reduction in gas usage – which is a great start as we seek to commence the journey towards a net zero position.

We are also developing an operating model to give us a more informed understanding of our energy usage. This will guide us as we consider a programme to improve insulation for our buildings, reduce energy losses and the feasibility of introducing a Solar Array to help offset our electricity footprint.

We will keep you regularly updated on progress on our journey towards a more sustainable future for St Saviour’s.

We are hugely grateful for the work this team has completed in a very short time. The team is made up of St Saviour’s members, Steve Moore, Michelle Horsfield, Ken Ivil, Adrian Grilli, Raj Sharma and Glenn Webster (Buildings Manager) with further assistance from a team helping to collate data.

If you have any questions or would like to know more regarding the project please email Dave & Deborah at churchwardens@stsaviours.org.

Click here to view the work this amazing team have produced and click here for the final resolution passed by PCC & Standing Committee.